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7 is the seventh full-length studio album by Lebaneserecording artist Nancy Ajram, released on September 6, 2010 to wide commercial and critical success, to follow the footsteps of Ajram's previous sets, making her one of the most successful Arabian female artists of all time. The album explores a new set of sounds and genres including DanceTechno and R&B on one hand, but still keeps the musical style that Nancy had created over the years, that is the Egyptian and Lebanese dance-folk sound, on the other. The latter has given Nancy her biggest hits ever, including "Ah W Noss," "Ya Tabtab" and "Lawn Oyounak."
Critics gave 7 largely positive reviews, favoring its shift to more modern and global sounds, and its ability to join these sounds with local music and 90's Arabian themes. Lyrically, the record speaks of love, admiration, heartbreak and relationships, subjects that Nancy had spoken about in previous sets. In addition, other songs extend to deeper meanings about life, childhood and family.
The lead single, "Fi Hagat," is her first ballad to be delivered as a leading promotional track. It peaked atop the charts on multiple Arabian charts, most significantly HitMarker, where it occupied the apex for fifteen consecutive weeks, the longest run on the number one in the history of the chart. With the second single, "Sheikh El Shabab," the album continued to break records when the song debuted atop the chart, replacing the first single. The feat was never reached before. Other milestones include a YouTube record, where the video for "Fi Hagat" was viewed more than twenty four million times, as of February, 2011, thus becoming the most viewed Arabic video on the site. The album's third single, "Ya Kether," was announced in December 2010 and its video has been shot .



[edit]Development and release

Nancy gave the first preview of the album during Nichan's show "Akid Akid Maestro" in Ramadan 2009 when she sang parts of two songs, "Sallemooly 3aleih" and "Sheikh elShabab". The former was excluded from the album, and was released as a single at the 2010 New Year's Eve, and achieved huge success among Arab radio stations. This was Nancy's first cooperation with Egyptian producer Tamim, who did the arrangements for three songs of the album. Nancy then announced she will be singing a song that refers to her relationship to her parents and child, "Hkayat el Deni" (Stories of Life), previously named "Ghafwet Eini". News of "Bayyaa' we Shater" was also announced beforehand, as it was previously known as "Assly". The album was rumored to have been titled "BelHadawa" which was to be album's lead single. However, the song leaked unofficially several months before release and the lead single had changed. In her appearance on "Khaleek Bel Beit" with Zahi Wehbi, Nancy explained:
My album will include many new changes. There will be a shift to more serious songs in terms of lyrical content, as well generally calmer music with both modern and traditional sounds. However, I will remain true to my same identity for which my fans like my music most, which is fast, upbeat songs.

Initially, the album titled was rumored to have changed from "BelHadawa" (which leaked months before release) to "Einy Aleik". A few weeks before release, however, it was announced that the final decided album title was "7", marking Nancy's seventh studio album in her career.
The was initially scheduled date for release by early summer of 2010, but due to the occurrence of the2010 FIFA World Cup, for which Nancy recorded the official Middle East song, as well the Islamic Holy Month of Ramadan, it was delayed until early September. The final release date was announced to be 6 September, and six songs were distributed to pan-Arab local stations to promote the album, as well a teaser ad on her official Facebook page. Nancy promoted the album majorly online, via her official website and Facebook fan page, which is the biggest Arabic fan page on the site. The whole album, however, leaked on the internet and become available for download on dozens of forums on September 2, and the company accidentally announced the release of the album on that day.

[edit]Composition and musical styles

Tarek Madkour arranged two songs in this album of Egyptian Maksoum genre, deviating from his rock/soft rock productions in Nancy's previous album. "Bayyaa' We Shater" is considered the album's best continuation of Nancy's signature maksoum style in previous singles such as "Moegaba" and "Ashtiki Minno". The composer, Mahmoud Khiami, succeeded at presenting this style to Nancy which was completely different from the soft ballad single "Wana Ben Idek" in her previous album. "Belhadawa", Madkour's second song in the album, is more traditional and 80's influenced from Egypt. The song, which is viewed stronger on the lyrical side, received less positive reviews than "Bayaa We Shater" did.
This is the first best-seller for Nancy that does not include a cooperation between Samir Sfeir andTarek Madkour. Sfeir presented three unique songs in this album, each of which marks a special feature of the album. "Meen Ma Ando" is influenced by the 70's Western disco music, which is a brand new style for Nancy. The song talks about the importance of elements of love and youth in one's life. "Ya Kethr" is Nancy's second Khaliji-dialect song by Sfeir after "La Teloom" in Ah W Noss. Before release Nancy explained that she has her bets on this song to be a big Khaliji hit, and it indeed received the most positive reviews from critics since her Khaliji hit "Mishtaga Leik" in 2006. Sfeir's final song, "Hkayat el Deni", is ballad that deviates away in topic from the previous love songs of the album. In this touching song, Nancy explains, the lyrics refer to her relationship to her parents and how much more she appreciates their efforts towards her now that she became a mother herself.
Mohammed Rahim also composed three songs in this album. "Fi Hagat Tet'hass" was selected as the lead single, and is a sad song about the feelings of an unappreciated lover. Rahim also presented two Egyptian songs of the lighter, simpler context, "Okay" and "Einy Aleik" which was rumored to have been the old album title. Both these songs show Nancy exploring deeper into contemporary Egyptian music. Walid Saad presented Nancy with three songs initially, one of which (Sallimooly Aleih) was excluded from the album and released as single months ahead. His song "Emta Hashoufak"presents a brand new style to Nancy reminiscent of sad Latin ballads. "Kol Ma Teddi" samplesCher's The Music's No Good Without You.[1]
"Sheikh el Shabab" was a fan favorite even before the album's release, as Nancy sang part of it in a TV show. The interviewer, Nichan, ahd previously recorded his voice on the track's beginning to present it, but the idea had been called off later on. Sheikh el Shabab is composed by Salim Salama, and continues Nancy's Lebanese pop genre previously presented by Salama in "Mashi Haddi" and "Ehsas Jdeed", which are from Nancy's big hits.


Pre-release promotional campaigns for 7 were huge; billboards featuring the album cover filled the streets of Lebanese and Egyptian cities in late August, 2010. TV channels showed a 16-second preview of the music video of "Fi Hagat," which was previously added to Nancy's official Facebookpage. The latter has also been a promotional tool, posting updates and news about the then-upcoming seventh album. It all resulted with a massive explosion in sales which exceeded a million units in October, 2010.


To promote the album, Nancy went on an Arabian leg of her 2011 tour and was featured at multiple shows. She planned to embark a world tour to support the album in the summer, but her pregnancy with her second child caused the cancellation of many tour dates and shows.


  • "BelHadawa" – Sep 2010
  • "Sheikh El Shabab" – Sep 2010
  • "Bayyaa' We Shater" – Oct 2010
  • "Fi Hagat" – Oct 2010
  • "T'akhart Shway" – Nov 2010
  • "Meen Ma Ando?" – Jan 2011
  • "Ya Kether"- Aug 2011
  • "Einy Aleik"- Aug 2011


The album's singles are noticeably different in style from all of Ajram's previous single releases. Nancy also held a poll on her official Facebook page for fans to vote for their favorite songs on 7 in order to select the songs that will be released.
  • "Fi Hagat" was chosen as the lead single. The music video was directed by Nadine Labaki, as a comeback after a 4-year absence. The music video sequels Nancy & Nadine's big hit "Lawn Ouyounak" where Nancy hides her feelings of being under-appreciated. The video was previewed on Nancy's official Facebook page, as a 16-second sneak peek before release. The song was later delivered to radio and was released digitally. The video premiered on September 6, 2010 on Arabica TV and MTV Lebanon.[2]
  • "Sheikh El Shabab" was lined up as the album's second single. Its music video was directed by Leila Kenaan becoming her fourth collaboration with Nancy. Contrary to the lead single, "Sheikh El Shabab" has a comical music video which her manager described as "the best music video we've shot yet." The song scored notable success prior its official release and reached #2 on Nancy'sFacebook poll for fans' favorite songs on 7.[3]
  • "Ya Kethr" was confirmed to be the third single from 7 on Nancy's official Facebook page, where pictures from the set of the video were posted. The pictures show Nancy with her daughter who Nancy brought on set, marking her first public appearance ever to the media.[4]
  • "Meen Ma Ando" was confirmed by Nancy as the fourth single from 7 right after her Eid concert in Casino Du Liban. It will be used as a promotional single for the next DAMAS Farfasha campaign. Eventough "Einy Aleik" had scored higher in the Facebook poll on her official page, reports explain that Nancy does not intend on releasing any Egyptian dialect singles in the mean time until the time is appropriate in Egypt. />
Plans for two additional new singles have been revealed on March 20, 2011 by Nancy herself when she was featured on MTV Lebanon Mother's Day Special. The release is expected to be "soon."[5]

[edit]Track listing

International edition
1."Einy Aleik"(I've Got My Eyes on You)Ikram el AssiMhd. RahimTamim4:28
2."T'akhart Shway" (A Little Late)Mersal MedawarYehia elHasanBassem Rizq4:20
3."Eih Akhbar Nafseyyeto"(How's His Mood?)Ayman Bahgat AmarWalid SaadTooma3:36
4."Emta Hashofak"(When Will I See You)Dr. Nabil KhalafWalid SaadOsama Al-Hindi3:57
5."Ya Kether(So Much)Abdulaziz Al MaysSamir SfeirMhd. Mustafa5:09
6."Okay!"  Mhd. Gom'aaMhd. RahimTamim3:27
7."Fi Hagat"(Some Things)Ahmed MarzouqMhd. RahimHadi Sharara4:26
8."Lessa Gayya A'ollo"(About to Tell Him)Amir TaemaMhd. elNadyTarek Madkour4:07
9."Bel Hadawa"(Slow Down)Ayman Bahgat AmarMohammed YehiaTarek Madkour4:09
10."Meen Ma Ando(Who Doesn't Have)Nizar FrancisSamir SfeirAhmed Ibrahim4:15
11."Eih Elli Garaly"(What's Wrong With Me)Amir TaemaMhd. ElNadyTarek Madkour4:23
12."Kol Ma Tiddi"(Whenever You Give)Mohammed Refa'iMohammed Refa'iKareem Abdulwahab4:42
13."As'aad Allah Masak"(Good Evening)Prince Mhd. Al-Abdullah Al-FaisalSaleh Al-ShahriHisham Al-Sakran3:36
14."Sheikh el Shabab"(The Big Boss)Fares IskandarSalim SalamaHadi Sharara3:21
15."Bayyaa' We Shater (Assly)"(Player)Hani Al-SagheerMahmoud KhiamiTarek Madkour4:21
16."Hkayat El Deni"(Stories of Life)Nizar FrancisSamir SfeirAhmed Ibrahim4:28



Early responses for the album favored its variety of genres and themes. Critics also welcomed the traditional vibe that Nancy has maintained since 2003 and still maintains to date, but still explores new musical styles and subjects.
Both the album and lead single, "Fi Hagat", debuted at number 1 at the Hitmarker charts upon release.[6] The album has received widely positive reviews across the media and internet, and was previewed three days prior to release on the popular Arabic music site FunkyPharaoh. Blogger and head DJ Man De Lev discussed the album's various songs in great detail and praised Nancy for her beautiful mix of styles in the album. He also highlighted Mohamed Rahim to be the star composer of the Album and Tamim to be the star arranger. The album was given an overall rating of 4 out of 5.[7]
Beljaw online music magazine gave the album a positive review saying, "The songs that were sent to radio warn from a new storm of successes for Nancy, who obviously delivers only special work to her fans, no matter how big her success grows."[8]

[edit]Chart Performance

7 debuted atop the Virgin Megastores physical sales chart in more than 5 Arab regions, includingLebanon, where it occupied the apex for six consecutive weeks and became one of the best-selling albums of 2010.
The success of the album exceeded the Arab world, since it took first places in Virgin Megastore Paris – France. The album spent eight consecutive weeks atop the Virgin Megastores physical sales chart in Lebanon, before being knocked off the top by Fairuz's comeback album Eh Fi Amal. HiTMARKER Albums Chart, for sales around the Arab world was topped for 42 consecutive weeks by '7.[9] "Fi Hagat," qualified as a Megahit,topped Hitmarker Songs Chart for 15 consecutive weeks, the longest run on the top of the chart in its history. The album also topped Mawaly Albums Chart for 14 consecutive weeks,[10] and its lead single topped Mawaly Songs Chart for 13 consecutive weeks.[11]Sheikh El Shabab is the second hit from the album topping Hitmarker Songs Chart for 17 consecutive weeks.[6] Ya kether, also topped Hitmarker chart for 8 consecutive weeks. More than ten songs of 7enter many charts on the internet or on Arabic radio stations. Fi Hagat took the second position in the list of Top 50 Songs of 2010,presented on Ayyam Fm Jordanie and in Top 100 on "Arab Sounds".On the other side, Sheikh El Shabab was chosen as song of the year on "Lebnen El 7orr" radio station and on "Hala Fm"-Jordanie.
Chart (2010)Peak
Virgin Lebanon Chart1
Virgin Egypt Chart1
Virgin UAE Chart[12]1
Virgin Maroc Chart1
Nogomi Digital Chart1
HiTMARKER Albums Chart[9]1

[edit]Awards and nominations

World Music Award 2011
YearNominated workAwardResult
2011HerselfBest Selling Middle Eastern Artist (Album 7)Won
Murex D'or The Murex D'or Awards ceremony was held in June, 2011. The award show has become a big part of the social Lebanese scene. Awards are given to social personalities, artists and entertainers in general. Nancy was expected to win big this year with seven nominations shown below.
YearNominated workAwardResult
2011HerselfBest Lebanese Female SingerWon
2011"Fi Hagat"Best Arabic SongNominated
2011"Salimouli Aleh"Best Arabic SingleNominated
2011"Sheikh El Shabab"Best Lebanese SongNominated
2011"Fi Hagat"Best VideoNominated
2011"Sheikh El Shabab"Best VideoWon
20117Album of the YearWon
Stars Cafe Awards At the Stars Cafe Awards 2010, Nancy became the year's biggest nominee with nine nominations, one of which belongs to her summer hit "Waving Flag" which was recorded for the2010 FIFA World Cup soundtrack. In addition, she was nominated twice in the Video of the Year category, becoming the fist artist to ever do so. Nancy took home six out of the eight awards, becoming the night's biggest winner.[13]
YearNominated workAwardResult
2011HerselfBest Female ArtistWon
20117Best AlbumWon
2011"Fi Hagat"Best SongWon
2011"Fi Hagat"Best LyricsWon
2011"Fi Hagat"Best ProductionWon
2011"Fi Hagat"Best MelodyNominated
2011"Fi Hagat" music videoVideo of the YearNominated
2011"Sheikh El Shabab" music videoVideo of the YearWon
Jaras Scoop Music Awards
YearNominated workAwardResult
2010HerselfBest Female ArtistWon
2010"Fi Hagat"Best SongNominated
2010"Sheikh El Shabab"Best SongNominated
Melody Fm Music Awards
YearNominated workAwardResult
2010HerselfBest Female ArtistWon
2010"Fi Hagat"Best SongNominated
2010"Fi Hagat"Best Music videoNominated
Woujouh Men Lebnen Awards
YearNominated workAwardResult
2011HerselfBest Female ArtistWon
Middle East Music Awards
YearNominated workAwardResult
2010HerselfBest ArtistNominated
2011"Sheikh El Shabab"Best VideoWon
Sama Al Nojoum Survey[14]
YearNominated workAwardResult
2010HerselfBest ArtistWon
2010HerselfBest Female ArtistWon
20107Album of the YearNominated
2010"Fi Hagat"Best Music VideoWon
2010"Fi Hagat"Best SongNominated
Panet Survey[15]
YearNominated workAwardResult
2010HerselfBest Female ArtistWon
2010HerselfBest Selling Digital ArtistWon
20107Most Downloaded AlbumWon
2010"Sheikh El Shabab"Most Downloaded SongNominated
The Arabic Sound Awards
YearNominated workAwardResult
2010HerselfBest Female ArtistWon
20107Album of the YearNominated
2010"Fi Hagat"Best VideoNominated
Music My Life Survey
YearNominated workAwardResult
2010"Fi Hagat"Hottest TrackWon
Zahrat Al Khalij Magazine Survey
YearNominated workAwardResult
2010HerselfStar of the Year (2nd place)Won
2010"Fi Hagat"Best Music VideoWon
LBC Group Awards
YearNominated workAwardResult
2010HerselfMost Influential CelebrityWon
2010HerselfBest ArtistWon
20107Album of the YearWon
2010"Fi Hagat"Best Music VideoWon
Panorama FM Radio Survey[16]
YearNominated workAwardResult
20107Best Arabic AlbumWon[16]
2010"Ya Kether"Best Khaliji SongWon
MBC Fm Survey
YearNominated workAwardResult
2011"Asaad Allah Masak"Best Khaliji SongWon


  • The music video for "Fi Hagat" hit YouTube views four months after it was uploaded, becoming the most viewed Arabic video on the site.
  • The release of the album gave Nancy global fame, raising the number of her Facebook subscribers to more than 2 million, the most subscribed Arabic page on the site.
  • Thanks to 7, Nancy became the first Arabic artist to ever collect more than one million "Likes" on Facebook.
  • 7 topped HitMarker albums chart for 42 consecutive weeks, the longest run on the top of the chart by any album.
  • The album's first two singles occupied the apex of HitMarker for more than six months.
  • The album is topping the Virgin Megastores' Charts all over the Arab world 1 year after its release.


The album caused controversy among music societies in the Middle East, after its title was changed several times, one of which due to the similarity in tune between the former title track and current opening track of the album, "Einy Alek" and another song by Egyptian singer Sherine Wagdy, called "Bein el Beneen." Both tracks were co-written by Mohammad Rahim. Ajram confirmed that she did not know about the song until the album was released, but she confirmed that she had full rights for the song since 2003, revealing that that track was initiall planned for a release with Nancy's third album,Ya Salam. Producer Tarek Madkour revealed that he refused to produce the track in 2003 due to its similarity to Wagdy's song, however, Tamim produced it for 7.
Controversy considering conflict between Nancy and her label has been circulating the intenet, about the album's singles and music videos, however, Ajram denied these rumors and had earlier revealed that she takes full control over her creative process and promotion for her albums.
The track "Kol Ma Teddi" was criticised due to its similarities to songs by fellow singer Elissa.


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